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Proven Process

We turned the guesswork of individual wealth management  into precise science by working closely with customers. Follow proven steps and track your wealth with reliable metrics until you get the results.

Lowest Cost*

Our transparent, low commissions and financing rates, support for best price execution, and enhancement program help minimize costs to maximize your returns.

Staged Transition

We have identified the right transition stages to personal growth while making steady progress and getting results.



Plans that Meet Your Unique Personal Growth Goals

A diverse range of pre-packaged products ideal for investors who want guaranteed returns  but do not have enough time to manage their portfolios.

Ready-made Investment Plans | Customized Investment Products  | 24 * 7 Customer Support

  • Basic

    Every month
    Upto 9% APY
    • Guaranteed 9% APY On Investment
    • Auto-deposits
    • Monthly Invoices
    • Instant Cancellation
  • Enhanced

    Every month
    Upto 10% APY
    • Guaranteed 10% APY On Investment
    • Automatic Rebalancing
    • Auto-deposits
    • Monthly Invoices
    • Instant Cancellation
  • Advanced

    Every month
    Upto 12% APY
    • Guaranteed 12% APY On Investment
    • Yearly Bonuses + Incentives
    • Automatic Rebalancing
    • Auto-deposits
    • Monthly Invoices
    • Instant Cancellation

Investors are also requested to share your knowledge or evidence of systemic wrongdoing, potential frauds or unethical behaviour through the anonymous portal facility provided on the website.

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Our Experts Are the Finest

As an investor, you are keen to participate in the markets, but cannot make time to manage your portfolio; you do not know the ropes of portfolio management either. Intelligent Advisory Portfolios (IAP) is a ready mix of equity products that you can invest in right away.

You're in a good company. Thousands of hours of work have gone into creating our methods that are specifically designed for individual financial independence. We have adhere to strict compliance regulations from SEC, IIROC and other regulatory bodies.

We only work with "right-fit" individuals.  We do not have any "silver-bullet" to get you overnight success or "get-rich-quick" schemes.  



“The portfolio is handled very professionally and is very transparent. It is a great service to invest."

"I'm in the process of getting all my funds to this company. They do great work and deserve a chance to thrive. Move away from the big banks to S & K Financial Services."

- Asha Menon

- Thomas C

“Investing with IAP has helped me to bring discipline in my investments. Amazing customer service, simple user interface, great company!"

"Money management can be stressful sometimes, but these guys make it really straightforward and they really promote saving money through all of their services. Investing is a bit overwhelming for me, but they helped me figure out an awesome plan. I'm very satisfied with S & K Financial Services ....and yes this is a real review ;)"

- Anuja Weling

- Kat Dinning


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